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Automated Quicktime REF from C4D image sequence

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How do I get a QT ref automatically created from an image sequence created in Cinema 4D?



Here is why:

I need this to improve my workflow.

I am working between After Effects, C4D and ToonBoom.

It is currently taking too long to set up shots in ToonBoom.


From C4D I am rendering multipass image sequences over a network.

After Effects imports this fine, I can even create a script to set up a custom comp.


Toon Boom is a finicky program not made for compositing. The scripting language is limited as well, so I am not able to write a custom importer. However ToonBoom likes QuickTimes so if I create Quicktimes that are numbered they will import all at once and in a certain order and that speeds things up for me in a major way.


QuickTime REFs out of Cinema 4D is the best solution I could hope for. It saves space and time and gives me the QuickTime I need for ToonBoom.


However it is not my only solution.

I could write a script that re-renders layer by layer a comp created in After Effects. But I was hoping to avoid this as it add render time and takes up extra disk space.


If anyone has any advice I would appreciate it.


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