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vector meldrew

XBox Kinect Hacking for Motion Graphics

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After The Monkey brought to my attention the creative uses of Xbox Kinect hacking in this thread ... it got me thinking....



I wanna look into it more and have a play around and maybe think about using it for an experimental project


Just wondering if anybody else here is already looking into this ?


.. or if not, up for learning about it with me - as i think it's something best not tackled alone!


At current i looking at stuff like this for info:





Anyone up for researching together and maybe collaborating?

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you may have come across the moullinex video, it was all over the web some time ago, but i found it very interesting to look at the source files ( kinect / processing / c4d / python) :





saw the video, didn't realise there were source files!


Will be checking these out when i get a sec, great link thanks

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I bought one last week after sseing a few good hacks..

I din't have the chance to test it yet.

I moved into processing a few weeks ago, it's very fresh. If you do processing too, you want to look at his library :




and you also want to look at this :




Quite amazing.. I'm blown away by all the ressources you can find over the net on processing, arduino...

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