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Hi everyone,


I've just finished my last reel. I'd love to heard you opinion about it before send it to clients.


Thank you very much




(The reel is on the homepage)


The intro doesn't bother me animation-wise and I couldn't even say off hand what tutorial Adam is saying you 'ripped it off' from.


The music is not really doing anything for me. I would try and find something else. Stay away from cheesy synths that sound like they come from a porn flick.


I don't feel like I need to see the first clip where you're showing that you shot some stuffed animals on green and keyed them, put a cg background in and made one wink at the camera. If you want to show the wink at the camera as a vfx shot, then go ahead I guess, but just show me that and cut to the next. Also, it's not a strong enough clip to start a reel off with.


The Impresa Simplice clip is way too long. I would just show the part with the paper flying up and the cubes coming down and then cut before you see that radial wipe you used on the graphic element.


The city fly though could be shorter too. Like say, use only :31 to :34 in your current timeline.


Next clip, cut to show only :38 to :42.


I would lose the clip after it with that game show looking thing.


Shave a second to a second and a half off of that abstract background / stage looking thing you have at the end.


Your logo and info type on the intro and outro could be smaller and and more centered on the outro. On the outro it looks like it might be out of title safe. That big blank spot to the right on that bar you have going across isn't really good use of negative space.

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