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Marc Z

Back in blue

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Good stuff. I especially like the new menu bar at the top, and the quick nav button (although at first I thought it was a location marker).


Had a hell of a time trying to get the forum to accept my profile pic though. In the end I ended up signing up for gravatar. Didn't want to accept an upload of a jpg image on any browser under OSX. :/




ok... seems gravatar isn't working either...



Guess I forgot to "save changes" When applying everything.

Edited by dotcommer

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forums don't seem to register new posts?

Like, I posted to a pre-existing thread, and the post is indeed readable if you click on the thread, but the forum shows that thread as having no new posts? I'm sure just another thing on your to-do list. :)


edit: it appears to have worked here, but not in the showcase section.

super double edit: might have been a one-time thing. i got an error while posting.

extra triple edit: just wanted to go triple edit on this bitch

Edited by Binky

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