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Best Toronto Studios

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I'm looking for some of the best motion graphics/post-houses in Toronto. I currently work as an in-house video editor and motion designer at an agency which is in a great area and has great staff but there are a few concerning things...


1) At the moment (middle of summer) it is DEAD. And when I mean dead, I mean I have nothing to do, no projects to work on whatsoever. For the past 2 or 3 weeks, I've been playing around with After Effects and watching a bunch of stuff on lynda. When I was first hired, there was a steady stream of work and it picked up pretty well. It could be that it's just a low point in the industry but as far as I know, there aren't any upcoming projects that I know of in the near future. The print and web guys are also not as busy but they still have work to do daily. Boredom is my worst enemy, I'd rather be packed to the brim with work than nothing at all...


2) Continuing on from the above comment, I wouldn't be surprised if they were to let me go. In the event that happens, I'd like to have a backup plan to pay the bills.


3) Minus the current boredom, this is a great place to work when I actually have work to do. One of the slight issues, however, is that I'm the only video guy in the company. This is my second job out of school and I'll admit that I am far, far, far from the best. There is much I need to learn and experience and it's kind of tough when I'm the only guy here who knows how to work After Effects. I want to be surrounded by people who can kick my butt at motion design, where I can learn more and make some really cool stuff.


I want to ask the head-honchos of the company if there are any upcoming projects, but I fear that if they say there isn't any, they will realize that I have no use here and send me off.


So I just wanted to know of some studios I can look into and possibly apply to or at the very least, network around and get some names so I can get back to them in the event I get let go.


Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!



Hungry for Work

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This is a very partial list, courtesy of mographwiki.net


But if you like it there, you may instead want to try to figure out how to make yourself useful in the meantime, y'know? Create a project for yourself that you think would be of benefit to the company. Maybe they could use a new reel intro or logo animation. Maybe they could use some convincing to better integrate video into web content (via example). Maybe you make an office installation that blows their socks off.


Whatever it is that you think might benefit them, make it your goal to up the game on this project. Make it an investment for them. When they see what you're trying to do, it should get them thinking "this could be great for our image" or "we could send something like this to clients" or "we didn't know we could do this". Make something rad. Make something different. Make something they don't make for their clients.


More progressive companies will intentionally spend some of their resources to do unpaid self-initiated work, in the hope that the freedom from client intervention will allow them to make something that breaks them into new territory. You could initiate some R+D playtime. It's actually a really good opportunity, if you can find something inspiring to do. It may or may not pay off for the company, but that's really your challenge.


And it's more fun than sitting there huffing your own farts.

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