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Scrolling Technique - Master Null or Offset effect?

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I am currently making a film - and have a section in the middle that is based on a video game - like an endless Runner. It's sort of Mario like or maybe more like Canabalt or


It is a video, but needs to feel video game like. My Scene is 17 seconds long and has to fit a certain amount of things in to make the narrative make sense. I am currently blocking in the action - and don't know the best way to get a decent scroll look.


I am going to try a master scroll null (possibly parented to a slider control). I might also try using he offset effect.


does anyone have any wisdom on this? it would help me process. I am very short on time, - any tips very much appreciated

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If you use the expression




on any parameter it'll move 10 units per second. If you take the length of your clip (17s) and the pixel size of the scrolling layer (lets say 4000 px high) 4000/17=240 px per second=10ish px per frame


So on the anchor point you can use this to accurately scroll the layer to the length of the clip, and then editing the scale of the layer visually alters the time it takes.


You may have an issue with juddering which you can fix by making it render at 60fps and making a subtle motion blur that ghosts it a bit.

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