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javier g

My new reel 2011

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This is a pretty good reel, Javier! Nice. :)

A couple of subtle things to note, the first being that you have some distracting edge artifacts in the last shot of your intro. Looks like a matting problem or something. Whatever it is, you kind of want that shot to be perfect, so don't settle for problem spots.


Another is that the shot following that, the first cut in the actual montage, is sort of deadening the energy you were working toward in the intro. The audio suddenly comes in full force and you kind of just have this flat, static composition to accompany it. That's probably a moment you can really take advantage of, but that you're currently losing. It's also an important moment given that it's the first we see of your actual work. Consider placing that project a little further in and using something more energetic in its place. Sell us your ridiculous skills right there.


Third, you could probably use jump cuts to get through some of the moments where we're waiting for something to happen. The flying books shot, for example, has a nice in and a nice out, but the time to get from in to out is pretty long considering that you're not presenting a whole lot of stuff in the meantime. Probably cutting into the "big deal.com" and futbol stuff would keep that whole section spicy.


Looks great, man.

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Thank you very much Binky!

i always read here your opinions about other's work and i respect your attention to detail, and overall design and motion sense to talk to people, so your post was a nice surprise! :)

I have seen the funny edges in the intro, its an AA problem with vray, im working on it.


Sure, i knew i should put the strongest moment right at the beginning, but when i was first starting the editing, i was unsure and could not decide wich piece would fit best. you´re right there too

Editing is not one of my best assets, its get hard to get the timing and the mood right. i am more of a print graphic design background and still got problems with these stuff :P


glad you like it!

thanks again for the critique :)


(sorry if my english is confussing, im from argentina)

Edited by javier g

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Incredible work! Really inspiring stuff!

One thing I would say: I'm always loathed to watch videos that are uploaded in Quicktime format. It takes an absolute age to stream them in, and usually impatience gets the better of me and I close the window down. That said, the work here was a joy to watch, and I was compelled to see the whole thing.

Really great work.

Edited by Mografik

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