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Mograph Minimum Distance

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I am using mograph to condensation on a can.

I made a few water drops and set my cloner object to distribute across surface.


My clones are over lapping which destroys the illusion of water.


Surely there is a simple way to set a minimum distance between clones with the Mograph tool.

The Dynamics work around is ok but it is processor intensive and I would like to have my minimum distance be greater than the size of my drops.

Surface Spread is an excellent looking plug-in but its over kill for what I need.


Any input would be appreciated.


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Do you need to have the clones animate? If not then just select the offending clones and assign them to a shader effector that has it's visibility switch on and it's shader set to black. That will make them disappear. You might be able to get away with some basic animation here.


Otherwise, you can use a matrix cloner to generate TP's and then use the particle collision preset to make them avoid each other. Will take some tweaking as you might imagine seeing as you are also going to have them stick to the can. Some combination of Move on Surface and Particle Collision should get you there.

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