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Cutty Pastey

After Effects Keyframe Ninjas Wanted

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Over the next two weeks we'll be pumping out a title sequence for the AIGA PIVOT DESIGN CONFERENCE.


Look feel will be similar to:






I'm looking for animators who are willing to work remotely off of a dropbox. We will need lots of small geometric sprites animated and quick scenes.


AE and/or C4d preferred.


Disclaimer: We are doing this purely for fun and free for the AIGA, but they do have a small budget which can at least buy you an awesome night out.


Art Director is jonashcroft.com


skype/ichat "flockofpixels" if interested

email: info at flockofpixels.com






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Very nice!

Thanks Mike! And thanks for your advice prior to this.

i know we're not really supposed to post in the job threads but that's a sweet ani.

yeah - i wasn't sure if this was a collaboration or a job and since I did have a small expense budget I figured job post would be best. Thank you!

Sweet. Were you able to find some help with it?

Yeah! I posted the full credits to vimeo. Even Ferd helped out, but unfortunately I couldn't get his stuff to fit into final edit (probably my mistake for over directing him). All of these guys helped out immensely: Andrew Samuel Embury, Martynas Puodziunas, Kyle Bastian, Doug Sand, & Matt Rankin

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