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What Does it Take? Project

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I've started a little project that I would like to really get rolling and get the word out.


Many times, I'd look at a reel of a motion design studio and ask myself, "What does it take to work there?" I could imagine many other young designers wonder the same thing.


So I took it upon myself to ask as many local studios in Toronto that very question and post their tweet-sized responses into one collection.


Needless to say, the responses are trickling in. As you can imagine, a cold email doesn't usually get through. However, this is something I believe in and it could help out a lot of people out there and I would love to get the word out.


It'd be great to get as many responses from creative directors, executive producers, senior designers (anyone who has the power to hire someone else, really) and have them all in one place for someone to see what the general consensus is.


You can check out the responses I have received here:


It's not much but I would love for that to change. If you, or someone you know, would like to contribute to this please leave a comment or email me at chris.tarroza[at]gmail.com



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GSG does cover "how to get a job in the industry," pretty well. But this seems like a different approach. Not about the steps involved or the process. Just the mindset of some of the possible employers some might want to work with. Could just be an interesting read.

I would follow just to see what studios say, not for an extensive lecture.

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