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PLEASE HELP (the color is inverted on my computer and websites)

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everywhere I go the color is inverted and I cannot for the life of me figure out what happened or how to fix it...if anyone knows please help... heres an example...


i cant post a linked snapshot because i cant seem to get my ftp ap working... basically you know when you invert an image in PS it turns into a negative... well this is happening throught my whole computer... applications/dock/website the whole nine... again sorry i cannot post a linked image.... but my whole computer is viewing like this...


i tried restarting but to no avail... if anyone knows how to fix this please help... i am on a mac running the latest OS 10.6.8...



thanks so much in advance and I hope one of the geniuses that frequents this site can simply tell me how to fix it....




Ryan John Hannigan

mograph • vfx compositor • editor


ichat: fantazams

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