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"Perfect" key this in <1.5hr, ...

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if so how please.



1. did a scan for roto -bits, where the hand leaves the screen.

2. rotobrush'd them frame by frame accurate (very little was necessary, 20mins tops)

3.placed this over keyed & masked footage


*** I used keylight. using the garbage matte technique (keylight plus simple choker, then keylight again),...

I even went so far as to attempt to even out the green by precompsing & hue/sat adjusting the lighting variations....***


...either way without throwing more time at it to try other methods, using layers of color key perhaps? I feel that a closer to perfect key might take a while longer here.


shot on 4:2:0 on Sony ex1r

roughly 8-9 minutes of footage.









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Guest Sao_Bento

Perfect?? Hmmm. I just threw a color key on it to kill off the majority of the green, used simple choker to spread the matte edges, then Keylight to key that green out and get good edges. Throw in a roto matte here and there for the cheese around the right edge of the guys face and you're pretty much good to go. If you're getting rid of the green, but it still looks wrong over the background, it may be more of a compositing issue than a keying one.

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Rather than keying, try brightening the green channel heavily, then clamp down on the overall RGB. With a bit of additional tweaking in curves, create a really solid luma matte for the underlying area.

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compositing techniques: I've mostly been softening edges, and sometimes faking light wrap via inner glow. I'd like to play with finessing techniques like grain matching, color corrections, dof blurs, and that cool stuff, but lately I've been mostly tasked with creating sharp, yet "not to sharp", mattes for export and later compositing down the pipeline. My mattes sometime get scurtinized at 400% scale ?!?!


Also this footage is getting keyed for a final comp in C4D,... to minimize steps..., so it's pretty much gotta be nailed at the key.


cool tip on that clamping, r u refering to desaturating or do you have another tool you use to do that? I've lately really been digging using the selective color tool to eek out colors.


Any books or links for some more keying, compositing tips techniques? I've got a copy of AE studio techniques I refer to. I'll probably reread chris zwars blog site .

I'm ready to redevour anything and everything, cause this stuff is really kicking my ass ...considering it's all concurrent with a whirlpool of file structure anarchy ...

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