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Thinking of switching from Cargo to Prosite

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Well the title says it all. I have been using Cargo for the past two years and have been pretty happy with the service although I am thinking of switching to Behance Prosite. I love the cost and simplicity of Cargo but I feel kind of locked into the default templates. I dont know anything about CSS or HTML so whenever I go about customizing anything and fiddling around half the time I end up screwing stuff up. Cargo is completely customizable but those without any web design skills are a bit out of luck. On the other hand, Prosite makes customizing just about everything as easy as can be with no knowledge of HTML/CSS but I am not a big fan of the project posting. The process of posting a project on Prosite is very laborious in comparison to the Cargo interface.


Anyone out there have experience with both and have any helpful advice?

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