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Didn't see a post about this film so here we go:


I just checked this film out tonight and was pretty impressed. It has the usual amount of awkwardness and discomfort you would expect from a Lars Von Trier film but overall a good film with some beautiful imagery. Although, I do feel that this film suffers from the Black Swan complex, opening with the most powerful and visceral scene thus taking away from the satisfaction of the apex of the film. In Melancholia's case I loved the opening sequence of scenes, the imagery was extremely powerful and beautiful it directly hooked me in and demanded my attention. For the rest of the film I was eagerly waiting for the final scene. The final scene was good but based on the opening scenes it just couldn't compare. I understand the reasoning behind this method and it was a successful decision in that it definitely guaranteed the viewers attention almost immediately. Although, I can't help but feel let down not to get that one last fix of awesome apocalyptic suspense.


I definitely recommend checking it out.

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