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The Dark Knight Rises Prologue.

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I took the morning to see the fourth installment of the Mission Impossible series in IMAX. Naturally I was pretty excited to see the movie but even more for the The Dark Knight Rises prologue.


The prologue was quite amazing. Definitely the airplane sequence blew me away, I don't even freaking know if that plane that tore apart was fake or not? Looked pretty darn real to me.

& It's even more amazing to me that they did it all with the IMAX cameras. There was one thing I had to say that I didn't like, & apparently a lot of people on the internet have been talking about,

is Bane's voice. I could know make out what he said for the life of me. Well I had some what of a clue with everything going on around him but still, I would've preferred to hear him more clearly

or at least not so distorted sounding. I completely understand if Nolan conceptualized his voice to be that way, but I rather not struggle threw out the movie trying understand him. Maybe it will

be changed or different in the full length.


I looked around the net & found that the released the script of the prologue:



Other then that small part of the prologue I had to criticize about, I was clapping at the end of it as well as the majority of the theater.

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