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Using MoGraph Cloner in C4D to create a guitar made out of picks...without slowing to a hault!

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Thanks in advance for any advice. I'm banging my head against a wall!


I need to create a guitar out of guitar picks. I modeled a pick, and used a cloner in object mode, then set the object as a modeled body of a guitar. I did the same for the neck, head, pick ups and knobs. I am pretty happy with the results. The problem is, each cloner in the scene needs a dynamics tag to keep the picks from going through each other, and some of the cloners have a pretty high clone count since I don't want there to be very many gaps in the guitar.


Baking the dynamics is way too time consuming, and the project is so slow it's essentially unworkable. I'm running a fast 8-core MacPro. I've spent a good part of today staring at the spinning beach ball.


My question is, does anyone have any ideas for optimizing this process? I will need to create a lot of different shapes in the same way, so I can't really do this by hand. I also want to be able to use dynamics and effectors on the picks. Other than that, I'm open to suggestions!


Here is a link to the scene file if that helps: http://tinyurl.com/6qnusdq

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Cool idea! A few things come to mind while playing with your file.


1. Try turning on "Render Instances" on all your cloners.


2. Maybe you could work with a lower level of detail and then turn it up at the end?


3. You may be able to use another, more simpler, object as a proxy for your collision shape. maybe a pick shape with no rounding on the edges.


Not sure if any of those are the cure, but hopefully they are helpful.





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I looked at your file:


1. Your picks are way too complex (1200 points?!). You need like 7 for the calculation of each pick. That's why it's very slow. (use a simple polygon with extrude nurds then make it editable) Try optimizing your pick first, or at least set the dynamics calculation mode to boxes. also you can optimize by using the same effectors on all cloners. If you want to get close to the clones with the camera render, you should use proxy objects. (but you should not calculate with your current pick anyway).


2. If you want to modify each cloner with the same settings, you should use only one effector / type.


3. Also, Try using the same kind of cloning on all objects. right now half of them are grid arrays, half of them are objects in surface mode. This means you can't move the guitar together, since half the time you have to move cloners, half the time objects. This makes it almost impossible. So create a simple guitar instead, and use selections as objects for the cloner. Simply works better. I hope these tips help.


I modified your scene, take a look here: scene file .

This is using a very simplified pick, look how fast it runs (4-5 fps / sec), compared to your 0.0001 / sec :)

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