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After Effects Camera Far Vanish

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Hi all,


Thanks in advanced for the help ; )


Here's the run down.


In after effects I have a comp that has about 30 3d layers that are spread out randomly in Z space. My camera starts at -1777 for the z position and moves forward in z space to about 1000. So it looks like a first person pov moving forward through the 3d layers. How ever I want more 3d layers to fade in as the camera moves forward through the scene. Right now all the layers are visible since the camera does not have any far vanish settings like the trapcode particular far vanish. I need the 3d layers that are further in the distance to fade in as the camera comes closer to them and have the layers fade out if the camera is far away. Hope that makes sense...


I was wondering if anyone knew of a script that could add a far vanish control to an after effects camera. Or if you could point me in the right direction. I found this on youtube but no link to the expression the guy is using and it's not in english. But it has the functionality i am looking for.


Far vanish



Thanks for any info on this matter :)





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