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Anthm - my free new social music iPhone app

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Hey all,


It's been a long time since I posted round these parts. I've seen a couple of you post your iOS apps here and thought I'd do the same. So, here goes:


Our new app, Anthm is an iOS app that lets you control the music in the places you go. Put simply, the host of a party plugs his iPhone/iPad into some speakers, fires up Anthm and follows the onscreen instructions to log into Rdio (our music provider). The host and only the host needs an Rdio account (free ones work just fine). People in the host's location can then check-in to the party on Anthm and start voting music up and down the queue, AND request from any of Rdio's 12million+ songs.


It's basically a jukebox, if jukeboxes were completely kickass. And, it's completely free.


Here's a couple articles that were written about us today:




And here's our site: http://www.AnthmApp.com (video made by me)


And finally, here's the link to our app on iTunes if any of you guys are interested: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/anthm-powered-by-rdio/id500582930?mt=8


Would love some feedback from you mograph peeps!

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