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monolithcreative demo 2012

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Hey, cool, well it looks like you're making the same missteps we've all make at some point, but I think you probably guessed that already, if you're asking for brutality. And I think it kind of all boils down to remembering that you're making all of this stuff for an audience, and understanding what they want and will be interested in, moved by, inspired by, etc. is key.



Firstly, with regard to your edit, cut on the action, not on the pause. The audience isn't watching your reel to see the windmill illustrations draw on forever and then sit and spin, or to fully read the St. Thomas or Goodman logos in all of their static boredom. You're not selling us the Eagle Rock energy services, so we don't need to sit and study the logo. You're selling us your prowess. This should be a demonstration of what you did with the Eagle Rock logo to make it interesting and further communicate something about that company, and should not be a study of someone's untutored usage of extruded Bank Gothic to brand it. You're treating every single cut like this is a powerpoint presentation of logos with intro animations and character work that drones on forever.


So, the character stuff... Setting aside the taste factor of a diapered egg man taking a shit on the ground, your character work here is exceedingly lazy and uncharismatic. The amount of effort you've put into bringing the shitting eggman to life, for example, is next to none, and that's kind of a "fuck you" to anyone who has graciously donated moments of their life to watch your reel. There is literally almost nothing to watch or appreciate here. Hipster mechanical riding bull, for all of the extra 20 minutes you put into articulating the arm and head, is really no better. What value do any of these character animations have for an audience? Do they tell the audience something about the character? No. Do they indicate an action, at least? Yes, but the action is so generic, why would anyone care? If you're going to use a character to communicate something to an audience, then make it communicate something. Characters are good at conveying emotions, humor, and all of human experience. We relate to them, so make them relateable. Otherwise, just skip it altogether.


This same appearance of disinterest and non-effort is apparent in most of your animations, though. There's really nothing going on in any of these clips that either tells us something significant, or adds much of anything interesting to the key points of interest. Your job is not to take object A and spin it to unveil object B. Your job is not to put a lens flare over a poorly designed logotype and call it a day. Your job is to convey an idea or a message or an emotion, and hopefully to take your viewers somewhere they haven't been, give them a new perspective on something, or show them something they haven't seen. This takes a lot of consideration for your audience.


And I don't want to sound like i'm berating everything here, but with regard to your intro/outro... what do flying letters have to do with anything? Nothing! What the fuck does this say about Monolith Creative? Nothing! And worse yet, in the context of a reel, where the intro is meant to represent the character and capacity of your studio, it actually says "we don't know who we are or what we're doing and have already bored you to death!" That's pretty harsh language, but again, look at it from your audience's perspective. They don't know you, and you're introducing yourself. This is the first impression. You're walking up to them at a party, dressed in meaningless floating letters, an acrid color palette, and a blocky name tag. You're making yourself look like YOU'RE the one who needs a creative professional to help your image, and obviously that's not the impression you're going for. What would you think of a fashion consultant who introduced him/herself to you in blue stretchpants, crocs, and a brown windbreaker? Don't be that guy, unless you want to hook up with the worst clients in the world.


It would do you well to give your head some fresh air. Go watch a bunch of really good stuff. Go watch all of the reels from the best studios out there. Prologue, Onesize, whatever you think is unreachable and top notch. They are a gift to you. You can spend all the time you want learning from them. And don't study this stuff passively. Dig into it. Pixel fuck each frame. What makes that stuff so good? You'll figure it out, but remember it takes time and shit tons of effort. It's worth it.


(I hope that's brutal enough. I don't want anyone crying into their keyboard :D )

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