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Hi from a new member :)

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Hi Mograph forum!

I just thought I'd introduce myself to the board. I'm a new user to CInema 4D and have been using After Effects for a couple of years. I work for a major broadcaster in the UK as a video editor, so it's been weird having to use applications like AE and C4D in my job but for some reason a good editor here is defined as someone who can use these programs....in contrast to the rest of the world it seems...


I come from humble beginnings and have no formal qualifications in anything close to fine art, graphic design, design, or anything...I'm not sure how many of you are in the same boat? I came out of school and basically started working in TV at the bottom, but always wanted to edit...


So I've found myself using these programs to design stings, titles, and even straps and title sequences - something which has sort of taken me by surprise but I'm not one to give up easily. I've one opener under my belt which was entirely AE and fairly simple, and a new project on the go which will be a title sequence too, this one based in C4D.


So I thought I'd register and see if I could get all vampiric on the wealth of talent that seems to grace the board, find inspiration, calm my bloody nerves about the whole thing, and basically take my mind off the stress whilst still potentially broadening my knowledge....whilst trying not to break down like the Kony filmmaker resulting in an arrest and/or media frenzy.


Thanks for reading and please feel free to add any links of anything you think may help a brother in need - great tutorials you know (any level), anything you saw online that really helped you out, anything you consider a breath of fresh air - great starting points, literally anything you want!


Many thanks for reading and I hope I can be a useful member of the community as well!!


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