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Brownian Movement / Random Walk HELP!

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Hey all,


I have a client asking me to recreate "Brownian Movement" or a "Random Walk" effect for an animation. (Reference video: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/a/a9/2D_Random_Walk_400x400.ogv)


They asked for this in After Effects, but using the MoGraph Tracer in Cinema 4D is the only way I can think of to actually trace the path once I can nail down the motion itself. (I'm certainly open to different ideas if anyone has some.)


The problem I am having is creating the Random Walk effect. I can get close with both Xpresso and Mograph. In Xpresso, I just created 3 Noise nodes and set the noise mode to Fractal Brown Movement and plugged them in to the the individual global XYZ coordinates of the my object (so I can control them separately.)


xpresso option.png



For the Mograph option, I placed the cube in a Cloner and added a "shader effector." in the shader settings, I enabled the position parameter and used the noise shader in the "shading" tab. In the noise settings I set it to FBM and adjusted some of the animation settings.


mograph option.png



The problem I am having with both instances is that they are not additive. By that I mean they always calculate they're movement away from the world origin. If it tells the cube to move +50,+12,-12 in the first move then the next time it calculates where to move, I need to start at 50,12,-12 instead of 0,0,0. Does that make sense?


This is starting to get inside my head a little. It's a similar concept to the progressive keys script that Mike the Monkey spoke about in his NAB preso a couple years ago.


Can this be done with Xpresso or Mograph? I've also scoured for Python or COFFEE ideas and have come up empty handed. I have found a few snippets of Javascript code to do this, but I have no idea how to translate that into C4D.


Any help is much appreciated!


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