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Marc Z

Dreamhost sucks

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So yeah, we were offline there for a few days while Dreamhost figured out how to replace a dead switch. Looks like we're back, things can be slow while they transfer all the data to new boxes. Sigh.

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Dreamhost sucks indeed. Once upon a time they didn't.


I was with them for 6 years. They announced some new CEO in a newsletter and then everything went to shit immediately after. To be fair, I am not sure if there is any connection there, but my guess is that they are expanding faster than they probably should be, causing problems.


It seemed like every week there was a new problem.


They are definitely the cheapest out there, but I guess you get what you pay for.


One day my sites were deleted and replaced with this.



Apparently hackers got into one of dreamhost's clusters, and did that to everyone on the cluster. After finding out it was because hackers got into Dreamhost's automatic updates unnoticed, thereby infecting everyone's sites, I had no choice but to move everything over to Media Temple.


I do miss Dreamhost's price, but the general consensus these days amongst web developers is to stay away from them if your site is of any value.

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