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Buying a DSLR camera.

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Hi all (especially UK folks)


Where is your preferred shop (real or online) to go to to buy cameras (DSLR) and lenses in the UK?


Is there anyone who has any experience with DigitalRev? They are dead cheap which usually should trigger an alarm.


Cheers for any input!

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Hi rolin,


I don't know if this link could be the best bargain you can check over internet but We've brouht our Canon 5D mark II this year with the best price we ever dreamed of (especially if you can prove you have a professional profile) : http://digitalwonderworld.de/


This link is pretty impressive, especially for prices, delivery and contact. I hope this could be useful for you ?

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Thank you mezklador studio!


I have done some more research and came to the conclusion,

that is is not really a good idea to buy at DigitalRev or similar cheap online shops.


The reason, why they are so cheap is because they sit and buy the gear in Honkong.

They send their stuff in a package denounced as “No value”.


From this point on it seems to be a game of chance,

because if it goes through customs you are fine,

if not, you are fined (kind of) which means you have to pay customs and

end up paying more then if you'd have bought it somewhere slightly more expensive in the first place.


Also if products are damaged and you have to send them back

this might turn out to be very risky, expensive and time consuming.


Would have been too good to be true anyways.

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