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Converting from global to local space/Thinking Particles

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I'm trying to create an emitter where secondary particles vibrate up and down relative to the of path primary ones of which they're parented.


I've used the data channel to parent the particle in Group A to Group B. This works fine.

I can then add noise to the Y channel of the Group B particle. Again this works fine.

But the particle moves up and down in Global Space and I want it to move 'up' and 'down' relative to the path of the particle of which it's parented to. Eg. In local space compared to that particle.


I'm trying to use the MatrixMulVector node to convert to and from Local Space but I can't get it working.


Here's my setup: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/1830495/Global%20Local%20Test.c4d




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