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[C4D] xreTIME

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xreTIME is a Tag to be used on an Object to re-time its animation.

Optionally controlling the animation of its children

and/or Objects in the "Slaves" list.


The term Animation here, is an Object that, in order:

- Carries a MoCache Tag

- Carries a PointCache Tag

- Is a XRef Object R14 set to Generator Mode

- Is a Legacy Xref Object R13/14

- Is an Alembic Object including any subframes.

Note, an Alembic file should have recorded Subframes to give a slowmo effect.

- Is KeyFramed incl. PLA animations

- and additionally in the "Slaves" field,

another xreTIME Tag, Mo- and Point Cache Tags can be placed and controlled.


The xreTIME Tag could be seen as an alternative to a TimeTrack giving

you more direct access to retiming Objects from within the Object Manager.


xreTIME is an extended Python version of xTIME found in the SteadyBAKE suite.

xreTIME and xTIME are two separate plugins.


As usual, get it at tcastudios -> xfiles



Lennart Wåhlin - tcastudios

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