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Render Farm for Rent - Cheapest Monthly / Daily

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Hi all.


Some of you may remember that thread about the 5x8 core Helmer render farm I built (was building during the majority of the thread).


I hired a network admin to come out and get this thing not only working within the office, but also accessible from anywhere online. So now.. I barely use the thing. Its not in use 7/8ths of the time. So since its accessible from the internet, and I can set up multiple secure accounts / logins on it, I figured I could just rent it out for extremely low rates while everyone wins.


I'd like to just sign up a small number of people interested from here that would find value in it and not add costs of advertising, hosting, etc etc.


So here is the breakdown of how I am pricing it:


Shared access with a max of 5 seats available at any given time

$225 / month when month-to-month

$450 for 3 month access

$175 / month on a 3 month subscription basis


dedicated, top-priority

$50 / 24 hours

$35 for 12 hours.

If you have a monthly account and want to go dedicated for a day or two: $35 for 24 hours and $20 for 12


Monthly accounts would all have the same priority level, being effectively first come, first serve. I will try to manage the farm and shuffle around larger jobs so that smaller jobs can get in and out real quick, keeping everything as fair as possible. Any time dedicated time is ordered, I will send an email to the monthly subscribers letting them know what dates it is being booked for.


If you register for the monthly you can test the waters and cancel the subscription within 24 hours if you would like, and have $115 refunded (member 24 hour rate to keep people from just using trial accounts). more in the first 2 weeks that it starts getting rented out since everyone will be testing.


So.... I believe its by far the cheapest option to have 40 core farm at your disposal. I'm only offering limited seats because its a small farm, and I think if too many people were to use it it wouldn't be of much use to anyone.


Any catches? Kinda.

  • No data-center internet speeds here. It and the web server are sitting right by my desk sharing a DSL connection. You would receive your files at around 100 whatevers per second. Using filezilla, you can zip your files and download them much faster. I can explain how to do this. If we are trying to upload a file to a client of ours, we would need to shut the ftp service down temporarily.
  • It only handles C4D right now. (R13), and sorry - we don't currently have vray. If you have used net render before, you should have no trouble with this.
  • I will give the best support that I can and am rather positive I could get to any issue within an hour or so, but keep in mind that I'm not a professional rendering company. I am consistently busy but just hate seeing this farm being a giant unused paperweight.
  • I don't have a fancy site or interface for this.... Everything will be set up over email / phone. There is a URL I will provide that brings you to the farm's Net Render web interface we all know and love, and you will be provided with an FTP account to upload your scenes & download your files.


If you are interested, send me a PM or send me an email at adam@eldermedia.tv




5 Nodes, each with an 8 core AMD FX-8150 (AM3+) 3.6GHz Bulldozer CPU and 16GB of RAM for a total of:

144 GHz


There are also an additional 2 quad-core 2.8 - 3.1 ghz Intel workstations that we would turn on when not here and remember to do so.




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