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Recommend me which software for my specifics needs..

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Hello all,


i'm a junior graphic designer working in an agency, my director likes my style composing type and has asked me to learn a bit of motion to do simple stuff, like animate text and some graphics that i will create to insert on our videos, pretty basic stuff, but since i'm going to learn it, i wouldn't mind getting into it a bit... I use Freehand (yes, i know, i have to migrate to illustrator) and photoshop. I'm more focused to print, so i'm a complete newbie on the matter of animation, but for what i read it is After Effects or Motion... correct me if I,m wrong...


Here are my questions:


since i'm not familiar with any of them, which should i choose?? Also, should i need to learn any video basics??


Also, for my specific requirements, is one superior to the other one?


and lastly, in how many weeks should i be capable to do the task?? A course is recommended or it is easy enough to learn it on my own?? Any online courses that will do the trick??



Thanks in advance for your help guys.

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Guest Sao_Bento

Chris and Trish Meyer's After Effects Apprentice books and videos are generally considered to be the best training source for someone starting out fresh.


Here's a link to a bunch of their AE Apprentice videos and articles (free)



You might need to dig through it a bit to find the pieces that speak to the level you're at, but it's a start. Of course YouTube is also filled with free After Effects (AE) tutorials as well, however the actual knowledge of the authors and the validity of their techniques varies wildly.


For inspiration, you might look at:



they are both known for solid typography.


Also http://www.artofthetitle.com has a great collection of film title sequences.

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Ok, thanks for your answer AromaKat,


in how much time do you think i can be doing what i'm asked to do??


Sorry for my english and thanks again.


Thats completely dependent on you

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Video basics can be very helpful, especially if you are running a one-man design-motion-finishing show. Learning and keeping up with video codecs is something we are all doing every few months it seems. Knowing a little about what is going on with H.264 compression behind the scenes vs. AVI may help you understand future compression methods and give you a starting point to make sure your video output doesn't look a JPG set to "low" quality for every frame. Oh yeah, framerate, another good reason to have some video basics background.


I think a lot of students at universities and trade schools are covering Video basics and Animation fundamentals in a single semester, so you could look at how many credit hours that equals out to on average and use that as a ballpark. And then of course, you will need some time with After Effects to get down the project creation work flow (setting up a composition, importing assets, navigating through your layers, etc.) Nick Campbell, aka The Greyscalegorilla, does a great job explaining the first steps in After Effects:


the infamous Greyscalegorilla's early After Effects tutorials are perfect for the newbie types and they help teach good habits:








I linked those for you because they are tricky to navigate to on his site, he lists in chonological order from when he made them.


Good Luck.




if your reading this Nick:

Would be nice if there was a "noobie" section, I'm constantly linking your old After Effects tutorials to students and new motion designers!

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