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Played great for me.


My general criticism would be: There's something about it that all seems a little "video toaster" if you're old enough to know what that is. Where it seems a bit dated in techniques and look. Even though Vimeo is progressive, it almost looks like it was rendered interlaced for that video look. Hard to explain. But some of the color choices, text bevels, etc just seem more 3D demo or 3D invigorator look more than a designed pieces. Seems more of an older render look with a lot of specular rather than HDRI reflections and white cards for bounces and reflections, with AO, like is common now for TV station style graphics.


Again, hard to put my finger on it. But I would try more heroic cam moves and less like cam-as-a-flying-bee type thing.


Lighting wise if it was a real film shoot, it feels like everything would be flatly and harshly lit with too much overall saturation. Needs more mood lighting, back lighting, card reflection lighting. The high and the lows. Some of it is so bright and happy and colorful, it seem more for kid type shows.


It's great work overall. Above would be my overall, honest takeaway from the reel as a whole.

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