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Converting to Keyframes -- Mograph... Dynanmics and both

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Hey there.. Working on a 3 min long comp in C4D and the net render solution offsite is taking forever to prepare. I guys what I am looking for here are improvments/solutions to workflow maybe or specific baking info. I have searched this site and googled but nothing really satisfactory has come up (or maybe I am not using it correctly).


So basically what I want to do is take cached Dynamics solutions and Mograph caches and baked to keys. I am aware of the mograph to nulls xpresso scene and the clone info heirarchy scene and wondering if there is a better solution.


I think part of the problem may be that we are using xRefs... basically cameras moving around a massive world to different stations in space, orbiting and moving again. So the master scene is all Xrefs with those respective scenes containing mograph caches and dynamics.


Any thoughts on how to smooth this out would be awesome.

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I had a similar project once, Xrefs and dynamic simulations with PolygonReduction on top. The Netrender clients took ages to prepare. What i discovered, is that c4d differentiates between manually typing in the frames to render, or selecting All Frames in the Render Settings. I think when selecting a render range, c4d calculates all the frames preceding the actual range to render. So what I did, was i sent the project to the farm with the timeline set to 0-500, and the render set to All Frames. When this part was complete, i opened the file, and set the timeline to 500-1000, and refresh the master file in the project folder. btw. this method seems to work with booles and large animated textures too.

I also removed xrefs, as they seemed to slow down preparing / render time and caused some issues with the internal Spline Wrap anims. I ended up using layers, to speed up the workflow.

As for baking mograph dynamics, i used a simple mograph cache, that did the trick for me.


Now im not sure this is an answer to your question, but it might be worth a try.

Hope it helps.




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