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Dell UltraSharp Extended Gamut

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Hello everyone,


I'm about to buy a new display and I'm not exactly sure what to make of Dell's extended gamut. Here's a quote from TFT Central's review


The U2711 uses wide gamut CCFL backlighting which offers an extended gamut covering 102% of the NTSC colour space. This can also cover the Adobe RGB reference space as a result and extends considerably beyond the sRGB reference which is still widely used. The support of wide gamut is great if you have a practical use for it and are working with wide gamut content or want to match the Adobe RGB space properly. However, if you are working just with sRGB content, viewing it on a wide gamut screen can lead to issues of over-saturation and neon appearing colours and is difficult to manage for many users. Thankfully the U2711 does include an sRGB emulation mode which is useful in those circumstances although not particularly accurate.


I'm stuck between U2711 (extended gamut, 6ms response) and the new U2713HM (sRGB, 8ms response). Looks like Apple Thunderbolt display is sRGB too. Have you guys had any colour related issues with UltraSharp monitors and when do you need extended gamut in real world situations? This monitor will be used for day to day mograph needs, gaming and films.


My resources:

TFT Central U2711 and U2712HM comparison

Apple Thunderbolt specs

Dell UltraSharp U2711 specs

Dell UltraSharp U2713HM specs


Many thanks





Here's a case of colour issues @ dpreview.com forums


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