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Gabriel Rocha

Clamping to several postions on After effects

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Is there a way to clamp a X Position opn after effects on several different values?

I've been using this code:





if (transform.xPosition>x1) {




But that only allows me to snap from one position to another. I'd like to be able to snap into 6 positions (on X dimension).

is there a way to do that?

I use the Snaped position to get the position value and use in another layer but i really need to be clamped.




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assuming the points are equidistant, you can use a floor() function to snap the value to integers instead of floats. Then multiply that result until it's the distances you want. So everytime it "snaps" to the next integer it's jumping to the next placement you want. If your points are not equidistant then I would make an array of all the values you want. Then use the integer snaps (using floor) to trigger the next index value in the array which holds the position you want.

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