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Tres bien Monsieur Poutshi! Nice stuff.


You have a great grasp of keyframes and dynamic 2D animation. That is good, because it can be transferred to any style of animation, 2D, 3D, compositing etc.. I would try to explore other design styles to make your reel more diverse, to make yourself applicable to a larger variety of work. Currently your reel is about 90% 2D vector shapes, in a style that is quite trendy right now. It works great for right now, but 1 year down the road, might not feel so fresh. Also look at trimming down any spots where it holds on the animation too long.


Anyways, it looks great, those are just my suggestions.

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Agree with what Grundly says. One thing I notice is you have a very static camera, as you diversify your reel you should think of having some more dynamic camera movement.


I'd also recommend making the reel shorter especially if you are only going to show one style of work you're better off to keep it short and not repeat projects leave the viewer wanting more instead of feeling like we've exhausted everything you can do in the reel. Feel like you sit on some shots too long cutting away from shots before the animation resolves will help you shorten the reel and make the whole thing more dynamic.


That being said very nice work in the reel.

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