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AE Script for creating custom sized paragraph box

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So I have to deal with putting legal at the bottom of endcards a lot. Each part of the legal comes from some company, and each is different from the other. Sometimes they change, and we don't find out, or we do, but we have tons of projects that used the older legal and its a laborious process to update the legal. So, I created a script that puts in an expression that references a text file on our network to put in the legal as needed, separated out by calling variables that have the different pieces of legal. Put them all together and bam, done.



//The Issue

Now, what I need to figure out is how to create a custom sized paragraph box, so the legal will wrap and format properly within a specified space. Does anyone know how to do that? I can't find anything thats close to what I'm looking for around the internet. I've already got the script putting in the expression into the text layer's "Source Text" property, now I just need to add to that script to create a custom sized paragraph box.


Any suggestions would be a great help! Thanks.

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