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Architectural Modelling - Mesh Preference?

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Hey Everyone,


I am currently in the process of creating a modular-esque concept house for my animation class.


I have completed my design and drawn the blueprints in Illustrator (You can see below). My initial thinking was to import the AI file as curves and model from there.




In the past when modelling buildings I have just created each element separate.


For example I have created a plane for the floor. Then created another plane for the roof, then the walls and so on so forth.


So for this particular project I've broke it down to modelling the structure and the contents inside - Furniture, Lights... etc


So as I normally create each element individually is it better to create the whole structure as one mesh?


The reason I'm asking is because I dont know the best modelling practice and whether 'One Mesh' is universal for all forms of modelling.


I think my question is really. Should I model the structure of my modular house as one mesh or a few different ones and then combine in a scene?


I hope I have waffled on too much...



Liam :)


EDIT: My current tools for this project as CS6 Suite, Maya 2013.


I have also posted this over at CG Society - I'm one of them people. Double threading haha.

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I'd keep them separate for easier texturing. You don't want your textures getting over 4096 otherwise your scene will run slow. There is no benefit of having your house as one mesh really, it's not a character that needs rigging.

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