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Hi Everyone. I'm fairly new to the field of motion graphics, and I first want to say that this online community is an excellent place for up and coming motion graphics artists like myself to study trends and get a feel for what clients might be looking for. I've been using After Effects for about three years, and Cinema 4d for a year. I am just starting to land some good paid gigs, but at the current time not enough for me to hand pick a great selection for a reel. However I have built up a decent toolset as far as techniques go, from some good online training series, as well as exploring creatively for countless hours. I've also been studying the principles of graphic design, creative direction, and animation for about three years. So I guess what I'm wondering is, when you don't have a large body of work to draw from, where do you get your ideas for personal pieces? Motion graphics is just a complex set of tools for communicating your message in a very creative way, but when your not advertising for a client, what is your message? I guess I'm looking for some real basic ideas to work with, and I'm just curious where and how some of you guys arrive at your messages? It seems useless for me to just make pieces that display techniques, but really don't have a point to them. I'm totally not looking to take any of your ideas and run with them. More looking to find out how your arrived at them, and some good tips for finding my creative motion graphics voice. Thanks to everyone who contributes to these sites regularly, so guys like myself can learn and eventually grow into the next generation of people who can contribute more... and sorry for the vague question.

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