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Reel critique 2012

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Its a little slow paced. Across the board, tighten up the edit and trim all dead air / no movement. More energy and excitement can be accomplished with the same shots you have. Each item should show only the most interesting areas, and don't be afraid to time remap or jumpcut something so it works as a reel piece.



  • Ramp speed of skyfall animation, jump cut the title treatment to start earlier if possible - as soon as you leave the barrel.
  • Jump cut / ramp to 'move special' immediately after title treatment rests.
  • Speed up Practical Photoshop.
  • You can speed up the lead-up to crossmatch a bit.
  • N Photo - a little slow paced. Trim the beginning to start on heavy motion. ramp speed.
  • J&l news network - You may want to consider dropping this. It doesn't do too much for the reel.
  • 2000 years - dead air in the beginning. Nothing is moving. Start after the camera already has pace
  • Bar mitzvah - keep it, but the spinning discs at the bottom isnt enough animation to hold interest of the dude coming in. Do some editing trickery to keep more screen real estate moving at all times. If its too fast to read the text, just cut that ending part out
  • You can do with a little less practical metallica guitar person. Maybe even cutting it and including only the animation
  • Ramp it to get rid of the heavy pause between the metallica lockup and the poster art / show date that follows.
  • The magic graph chart light ball goes out of frame and leaves me all by my lonesome in purgatory then the camera suddenly jerks me along. Give the whole thing a small speed ramp and cut out everything between the last frame the magic graph chart light ball is seen during it's initial appearance and when the camera starts moving again.
  • Edit to music to end nicer at the end




Its going to be a lot shorter, but much more high energy while taking out all of the timing hiccups that make things look a bit like spec work in a reel's context. Maybe you had VO carrying the viewer through, but for a reel things need to maintain visual momentum.

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