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Digital Tutors: Subliminal Perverts?

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so far i've been working on three different digital tutors tutorials and very quickly i'm noticing a theme. maybe they're unaware of it or maybe they are and having a chuckle while they sit back in their offices.


anyway, screen caps attached and links sited.


should this go in the Funny thread?capture1xt.jpg

starts at lesson 14:




lesson 10:



in this next one you're modeling a beaver, named Woody. lesson 3-6 is modeling the head and mouth. i can't get a screen cap of this one now but lesson 3 and 4 are free to watch here:



again, maybe these guys are completely clueless as to what they're doing. maybe they can't help it. maybe there's something wrong with me for seeing these things! either way i thought i would bring this to the attention of the community. enjoy!

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