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Moving to Melbourne! Advice needed please.

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Hey Guys & Gals,


I Will be moving to Melbourne come September this year and really wanting to get to know the who's who and what's what of the city.


I've spent a good few months in Melbourne before so know it quite well but just as a tourist so I didnt pay attention to what I'm about to ask.


Are there many city meetups for the creative mograph type people? I have started following studio's etc on Vimeo but to be honest I dont know where to go to find out information of these types of events.


Shared Studio space is something I am looking into also. Any suggestions? CBD is what Im thinking but if a little bit further out is cheaper than i'll happily go there. Is there any particular area's where studio's are based or are people spread out?


I'll originally be Fern Tree Gully based but will move more central when I start getting a steady income.


Sorry for such a broad subject but I would be interested in hearing what its like for other peeps.






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