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C4D Thinking Particles w/ MoGraph Effectors in Matrix Object

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Hey all,


I am trying to create a "dancing fountain" type of animation. (see

for example). I was able to successfully clone my TP emitter across a spline using the Matrix Object. I can get effectors to effect the PSR of the emitter itself, but nothing to do with the actual emitter properties. I think all I need to do is get the "Time Offset" in the Plain Effector to work, however all my efforts to do so have come up short.


I used this (http://www.3danvil.com/tutorials/TP%20emmiters%20from%20Matrix%20Object%20Positions.c4d) project file to get started.




Any thoughts?




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I don't think that using the time offset will work with TP although I'm not quite clear on how you're trying to do this.


If you could bake your particle geometry as PLA then you could clone and offset them.


Or you could use multiple emitters and build an Xpresso triggering system, maybe based on the frame number. Probably quite a lot of Xpresso in this approach.


Or you could move your emitter(s) along the spline, have it fire one particle upwards which emits sub particles (in the same way you've done in your example)


Or even use MatterWaves to emit your particles, that might be quite a nice solution as you could use an animated texture to control where your emitting.

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