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Nem Perez

Nem Perez / 2013 REEL

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Hey Nem.

Nice work! We'll have to catch up at the next Chicago meet up. I checked out the relaunch of your site as well and its looking nice.

Here are my thoughts on the reel:

I'm really captivated and digging the vibe all the way up until :30.

I would consider cutting the entire section from :30-:34. The clips just don't really comment to the rest of your work and are not particularly well designed or animated.

The same with :37-:40. It just looks like student work.

I'm on the fence from :54-1:00, I think it can work but in the current cut just isn't doing much for the viewer. I like the girl swinging her leg shot so maybe focus on that shot more and cut that section tighter and shorter.

01:37 I would definitely cut this shot, not particularly well designed or animated and just comes off as amateur.

You also, you give a ton of time to the clips of the girl in the t-shirt. In its current form it just comes off as filler.

Overall, I think its good but I think you need to trim the fat. Your recent work stands out a great deal in comparison to some of your older projects. It's always hard because these little projects are our babies but its definitely time for some spring cleaning. I think if you cut the reel down to the :45-:1:00 mark you would have a much more captivating and focused reel. As it stands you start out strong but end flat.

Don't be scared to keep it short and sweet. It's always better to entice the viewer and leave them waiting more than giving them too much and risk losing their interest.

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