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Planning our USA Road Trip

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I think this is fantastic, I'm not sure I really have any negative feedback as such... perhaps you could have tied the places together more and made it feel like more of a journey. The animations for each section look as if they are animating from something, but are mostly animating on from nothing (I see why you did this, as it's easier to work with seperate comps that you may have animated from seperate boards) but it's nice to see a continuous factor linking everything together, especially when you're representing a journey. For example, the states could have filled out to the larger map of the USA that followed, then one of the states could have transformed into the car (I love the effect you have for the car, btw), and elements from the car could have made the flag, etc) I suppose this suggestion is more of a thing that would have made it just that little bit better rather than a rule that you should have followed, I just like that kind of thing!

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