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1) Hello

2) What's this thing?

3) What is it for?

4) Did you want critique... or did you just want to show it?

5) OK, bye bye

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That is a looooooong, slooooooow logo animation(?) that doesn't even fully resolve on the logo. It stops short.


You could do some really cool stuff with camera work, and animating something more happening with the gears. Maybe build out the land. The 3d work looks good, but you could use some real lighting in there. Right now it screams ambiant occlusion with a gsg studio.


If you have people asking what this is or what its supposed to communicate, then something is horribly awry.


Theater logo animations are usually super-short. Just keep it interesting, at least. Without getting too Lionsgate about it, fly through your land of gears a bit, maybe come out of that hole. Perhaps a few nifty transitions to different cameras.


What are those strings? Establish that instead of obstructing the view and causing confusion.

What is that tall glass thing in the bottom right corner? Why is it the only thing with so much elevation? Why is it barely in frame at the end?

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It does look lovely.

And I definitely agree that it needs some camerawork. Although personally, I'd just choose a few different shots where the camera continues moving at the same pace and in the same direction. Nothing terribly tricky, because this piece would be in danger of becoming too much about what the camera is trying to show you. And the final shot would have to be of the logo full-frame.


This is a great environment to try putting different parts of the environment under the scrutiny of the camera. You can really think about what you want to show the viewer, and how to give them a sense of the context, and also passively focusing on details.

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