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V-Ray Glitch?

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For some reason, the V-Ray Light tag in C4D R14 has the Sun Light section completely greyed out. For that reason I cannot turn the physical sun on.

I have been everywhere as far as the resources are concerned and yes, checked the manual as well but cannot for the life of me figure out why. I hope it is

such a minuscule and simple thing I cannot see that for the person who has the answer, I will look like a complete fool.

But I shall accept my faith, do any of you brilliant guys out there know what I've been doing wrong?


Kind regards.


(p.s. just realised that I have posted this in the wrong section, now looking to figure out how to direct this to a new location, oh god..)

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You have to make the light an infinite light - in the 'Common' settings - then you can have all the Physical Sun/Sky etc effects you want. The direction of the light determines the sky's 'time'.


Doh just noticed that this was three months old - hope you've not been waiting ;-)

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