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W.I.P - Student Reel // Liam Carlin - 2013

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The thing that stuck out to me was: if there is camera motion, then there was little to no moving content to look at. If there was moving content, it seemed very flat with no camera or perspective changes. This could be my preference, but I want to see a journey happening. A journey in camera, content, story arc, etc. It all seemed very static as far as the sequence of events, camera or animation. And if you did have dynamics in one area, it was left flat in another area.


Not that design can't be simple, but many shots or scenes seemed very unfinished or un-filled out. Like there needs to be more things / layers / something going on. If this was a film shoot, it would be like one person talking to a camera in a lock off shot with no extras or foreground or background layers and minimal props. Not that you CAN'T have a shot like that, but if a whole movie was just that kind of shot it would seem very flat and not filled out. That is how I think a lot of these shots are to me.


EDIT: after viewing again, a good handful of shots I don't think have any reason to be in there. Like the camera tracking past what looks like a CityKit setup. Or an orbit of a grey AO looking bar. That isn't saying you're a motion designer. It just says you were testing something and put that shot in. If you can give each of those shots a reason to exist, then that's an option. Like put in something happening and evolving IN that room or AMONG those buildings then you are starting to justify the shot. But right now,Those shots look like very basic messing around that anyone would do after watching a tutorial. Show design, story, animation, composition, flow, layers, etc, etc.



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Hey Chris,


Thanks for taking the time to have a look and comment.


I do actually agree with what you are saying, I did think a lot of this when putting it together. A few of the shots were very consciously minmal and some weren't finished (which i was hoping wouldn't get noticed) due to deadlines etc as I would of liked. But saying that Its some really good feedback.


As for City Kit It was all built and textured in maya from scratch! So i'll take this as a compliment ;)




Show design, story, animation, composition, flow, layers, etc, etc.



Yeah this is something I struggle with and work on all of the time. I went to University with no art background or really ever having drawn or being creative in this kind of way. I feel like I'm playing catch up all the time but its good because I'm learning. I have some additional art classes I'll be taking in the summer and hopefully spend the summer practicing that and then in turn applying it.


I really like the last paragraph of your comments. It's all taken on board and thanks again :)




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