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A Dirty AO look without the Flicker

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Hey guys, I'm working on a design for an athletics promo and been playing around with some renders...

I want to do a really dirty AO kinda look, as haven't got the time to uv map lots of stuff and seperate bakes...

heres what it looks like at the moment and you'll see what i mean... I'd like to keep that really dirty look but

when i animated the camera it flickers LIKE CRAZY... any way to stop this and somehow bake the entire scene... kinda

liek a maya final gather freeze map... though things will be animating so not sure how possible this will be...

basically I'm just rying to minimise the flicker as much as possible so i can have nice dirty corners. Even if there

was a mutipass work around after i get it all animated and over to AE to mess around with, composite etc...

Any thoughts or solutions or similar experience?


scene: http://i39.tinypic.com/35hnspe.jpg

settings: http://i44.tinypic.com/34t4j7m.jpg





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You can do this via a "layer" shader in the diffusion channel of your materials. I've attached an image that tells most of the story as well as a simple project file just in case. A couple of important things that you can't see in the image: The ambient occlusion effect is set to higher quality values than you were using, and the gradient is reversed (white to black gradient as opposed to black to white). I'm using a noise shader to get the dirty texture, but this could be an imported image or anything else you can come up with to get the dirt texture you need. Note that noise shaders can cause rendering flicker as well, but the Physical renderer is good at killing that off.







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