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The Price is Right: Mac Pro - Steve Jobs Figure Prize

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Thought I would have a little fun and host a game.


Guess the price of the new Mac Pro. Closest to the retail price without going over wins a Steve Jobs figurine. I will ship.






There may be different options when they announce pricing, so in order to keep things fair:


  • No extra thunderbolt components
  • Max CPU option
  • Max ram
  • Max OS PCIe storage option
  • If secondary internal storage is an option, max that
  • Highest GPU option
  • No keyboard, no mouse
  • No extras... ie: airplay etc
  • No iWork / other software


  • One guess / one chance
  • Edited postings of your estimate will be disqualified
  • this is for the mograph community, so only members with 50+ post history only
  • Submisstion cut-off is either 11:59pm June 30 PST, or the moment Apple releases new data (specifics on gpu etc), whichever comes sooner


Let me know if I missed anything.


Edit*: added max ram

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So it behooves people to guess last so they can pull the "bet 1 dollar higher Price is Right Dick Move™" huh?

Aha! You watch Price is Right!















Aha! So do I!!!

Dick move indeed!


This doesn't count as my reply right? I didn't post a price so.... //waits

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I'll play!




All the specs reek of cash. When they unveil the price tag and the internet screams, Apple can hold its hands out and say, "Well, you asked for it didn't you? Now - pony up!"

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Don't forget, manufactured in the good ol US of A. 25k.

this, :)


seriously this thing is gonna cost more than a car.


edit: a good car

Edited by vozzz

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