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Dampen/Decay Wiggle

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Hi Guys,


I want to build a scene where the wiggle expression applied to the position of an object dampens or decays over time.

Or something like a camera shake decaying over time.

My guess is that it can be accomplished using the slider control; but am unable to rig, or lets say, link the slider to to the wiggle.

Can some help, or show me a tutorial/resource where this can be achieved?



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Sure, you can just do something like this:



wiggle(10, effect("Slider Control")("Slider"));


Which is just the wiggle expression but with a slider control adjusting the amplitude. Normally it would have a number after the first comma, but you just pickwhip your slider control when you are typing your expression in, close it with a parenthesis and a semicolon and that's it. Then you can keyframe the slider control.



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