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"The distinction between the past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion." - Albert Einstein"


The concept

Cronos is an audiovisual project that wants to communicate a new conception of time.

When we think about time, we do with a past present and future, is so attached to our minds and it is practically impossible to eradicate this idea. People need order the world around us, thinking that our existence has a meaning and a moment.

But time is not immutable and eternal than we usually imagine. Many cultures have conceived their nature in diferent ways. Modern science does not know what time is in final. Even if there really exist.

“Our consideration about time is linked to the way we think. Out of our minds, the time does not exist. Humans, each of us we understand the reality our way. In other words, the time exists because we create it. Our minds imagine and mofidy it, and somehow If we desapear, the time will too.”

The proces






The identy















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So obviously we have to talk about Alex Roman. The Third & The Seventh is a really beautiful piece of work, and no one's going to fault you for being inspired by it. Its premise is pretty simple: Alex loves architecture and photography. The result is an abstract story about photographing architecture. And by skill, experience, and determination he managed to craft a real love letter to fine art.


Now clearly, you're trying to do what Alex did, but you're doing it for entirely different reasons, and those reasons are going to make it harder for you to make something to equal his. He made his film out of love for the subject matter, whereas you've ostensibly made yours out of love for his film. What you've made has some lovely moments, no doubt, and you should be really proud. At the same time, there's a kind of disingenuous or insincere nature about the subject matter your film purports to be about, namely because your film is really, honestly, about Alex's film more than anything else. (Additionally, doing such a direct homage means that your film will really only be compared to his, and won't be allowed to be perceived without his film's shadow looming mightily).


What I'm kind of dancing around is that you've given yourself a kind of impossible task. If you're honest, you're really trying to out-AlexRoman the actual Alex Roman. But you're trying to do it by copying his aesthetic and subject matter instead of starting from a place of genuine obsession and exploring that obsession in a way that only you can, which is what he did. So, not only is it extremely difficult to beat a guy at his own game, but when you fail to, now you're just seen as a poor man's version of him. That's a pretty difficult strategy for anyone to win.


So don't get me wrong, you should certainly be proud. But in the future, your work will be better served if it's not trying so hard to be someone else's work. You have the skill, and you certainly have the drive. Put all of that into developing a voice that's all your own. Be independent of anyone else. That will always give you the most satisfying possible result.

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