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Guest igorschmigor

The drugs i need

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Guest cookie


click the picture to see the video



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Guest carniceria




click the pic for the video


that's so funny, don't even have to understand the language.

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Guest nutrition_facts

http://www.faqs.org/faqs/lemur-faq/part1/ » #1 source for dodgy humour i like




Further information is reported by G. Shapiro:


"Let me summarize the current understanding of Lemur lin-

guistics, as reported in the Journal of Irreproducible



frink (adj) - very appealing, sexually


frink (noun) - a National Geographic photographer.


[NOTE: The dual usage of frink stems from a confusion in

Lemur society. The primary determinant of sexual appeal in

Lemurs is size of the eyes. Lemurs confused the telephoto

lenses of NG photographers as huge, and hence very appeal-

ing, eyes.]


ptang (verb) - to have sex with another species. Has a

positive connotation when the other species is also primate.

More akin to the English 'bestiality' when the other species

is non-primate.


cheep, cheep, cheep (noun) - particularly satisfactory

sexual experience.


So let us use this knowledge to translate the following

Lemur dialogue:



2nd Lemur: cheep, cheep, cheep.




1st Lemur: I heard you had sex with that hot-looking NG


2nd Lemur: Yes. It was great.


Shapiro's report cannot be accepted as absolute fact as Lemurs

have been known to use "ptang" and "frink" for many other situa-

tions besides those involving sex. Hence the theory that eye

motions play a large role in determining what a Lemur means at any

given time. This theory is as follows:


The verbal component of a Lemur lexicon that requires somat-

ic components to determine the actual meaning. In other

words, the meaning of "frink" varies depending on the eye

motions of the lemur in question. Rolling your eyes while

saying "frink" means one thing, while winking the right eye

slowly while saying "frink" means something else entirely,

and so forth. "Frink" seems to be used for many purposes:

as a greeting, as an exclamation of excitement, as a means

of expressing curiousity, and so forth. Only Lemurs know

what "frink" means for sure, and they aren't telling.


in lemur faq

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Guest javier G



OMG!!!!!!! :D


its been a while since i dont enter here, that shit its hilarious!

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Guest skidd

Ah, okay. Well, i happen to have one really bad dude right here:


And now watch out folks! I have just discovered a good one. You can turn blind if you stare at it for too long. Are you ready for it yet? Okay, here it comes!

Igor Schmigor presents to you












"because size does matter"

good marketing



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