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2013 Joao Monteiro Showreel

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Hello Joao and welcome to Mograph.


One thing you will hear a lot here in regards to reels is that they are too long and that is definitely the case with yours. I think you could easily condense to :45 or 1:00 max. You have some good work but a lot of mediocre work in there as well.

- You start the reel off very slowly. When the song kicks in there is a ton of energy there that you are not utilizing. Possibly consider cutting in when the track kicks in instead of on the vocals.


- :33 I would cut this entire section to put it bluntly it just doesn't look good nor does the animation merit its spot in the reel.


- :48 scrap the hair. It screams GSG tutorial.


- :55 cut this entire piece. Not well designed nor animated. It definitely does live up to the standard of your other stuff.


- 1:00 cut it. Looks like a GSG tutorial


- 1:05 the blob doesnt say anything to the viewer.


It looks like you are being too precious with your older work. Get it out of there and just show off the best stuff you have. I would definitely advise fine tuning the edit overall. It lacks personality and energy. Check out DK's reels, to me they are a great example of really making the audio and video feel like one. I spent some time there and it amazed me how much thought went into every aspect of their reels. There is a reason for every cut and nothing is just slopped in there. You wouldn't believe how much is time remapping is done to make everything fit and work together. The point is if you put that kind of love into your reel it will be apparent and you'll have a better piece to show off all your latest and greatest.

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I agree with Joe's comments. The project at 0:33 is hard to read and what's going on... the key thing to remember that people will not have any connections to the project where you have spent days or weeks on the job. The visuals needs to be clear and straight to the point with seconds of viewing... 'Oh it's that cat advert from...'


Audio is as important as the visuals, I felt the soundtrack faded quickly at the end. The yellow boxes that approach towards the audience and around the camera... I would make them go off screen instead of a cut as it stands.


Research and look around on the internet of other designers and see how they produced the showreels.


Good luck and good effort so far!


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